Cloud Computing Congress – Event Series Taking Place in Europe, North America and Asia in 2010

Launches New Group of Six Degrees Events – Cloud Computing Series ( First Cloud Computing Congress Europe (http://www.cloudcomputingcongress.comThe Olympia is taking place in London on March 16, 2010.

A series of events will look at how cloud computing is revolutionizing information technology in the European, North American and Asian markets. Topics discussed include the latest state of cloud computing in relevant markets, its advantages and technical challenges, implications for IT function, and how to build, control and manage applications in a cloud-based environment.

Cloud Computing Congress Europe Enterprise Social Media (www.enterprisesocialmedia.netAnd Social Media World Forum (, A leading social media event that brings together all aspects of the industry.

The Cloud Computing Congress in London will feature keynote speakers from the enterprise and social media industry, including:

– Martin Bellamy, Director, Office of the Government CIO and SIRO, Cabinet Office
– Devon Henchloff, Editor-in-Chief, Social Computing Magazine and Web 2.0 Journal
– Dominic Birch, head of corporate shirts and new media, ASDA
– Paul James, CIO, Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, MOD
– Sonia Carter, Senior Manager Online Communications, AXA
– David Wilde, CIO, Westminster City Council
– Kenneth Worley, CIO, DHL Express
– Aachen Fletcher, CIO, Sporting Index
– Simon Revel, Associate Director, Collaboration and Web Technologies, Pfizer
– Evangelos Kotsovinos, Vice President, Morgan Stanley
– Kostas Tsatsaris, CTO & Director, Strategy & Architecture, HM Revenue & Customs
– Henry Rainbolt, CIO, Greenwich Council

You can join the Linkedin group on the event’s website. To network with other participants, or follow the latest event activity on the Cloud Computing Congress Twitter account –

The cloud computing series is closely linked to the enterprise series., Which looks at the next generation workplace, how new application stores can be used in the Web 2.0 environment, and how to build internal business communities. The other event series hosted by Six Degrees is a social media series. And social TV series (

25% discount on initial booking ending December 22, delegates can register online Or by telephone +44 (0) 117 946 8870.

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